Hey, what’s your story?


A clear identity can create an emotional connection to a product, service or company. This is not strange as basically everything stems from identity, the individual as well as the artifacts have an identity both from a social and psychological point of view the identity is the core, the material physical objects really don’t exist.

Some have said:

“I like it when clothes and objects have an aura, or a secret story”.

We believe a product won’t be durable before it tells a credible story.

People like storytelling, it’s a part of human history. As soon as something has a story, it becomes important. It gets a soul. And if it’s important it will soon be durable.

So, what’s your story?


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2 Responses to “Hey, what’s your story?”

  1. Victoria Linton Says:

    I live in McMinnville and tonight I stumbled across your company’s website, then this blog. How nice to find such an interesting company right here in town. I also love my iPhone for many of the reasons you mentioned above.

    Another company I strongly admire is Burgerville. What I like about them is the way they market their brand. They emphasize that they are local to the NW and feature high quality, local ingredients in seasonal “specials” like Walla Walla Onion Rings, Marion Berry Shakes, etc. Even though they are a fast food chain, they have a way of imparting an upscale quality through their marketing efforts. That just amazes me. 😉

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