Using Video in Email Marketing


I posted last week about the benefits of combining your email marketing and social media efforts. Today, MarketingProfs sent out an email dedicated to a post at the Digital Marketing blog citing research supporting the use of video in email marketing.

According to Nielsen Online, total video streams in April 2009 were up 24% year over year, streams-per-viewer were up 27% and time-per-viewer was up 58%. And, according to Forrester, a video link in an email can increase click-through rates by two to three times.

So, get to it!

  • Create videos that provide value and entertainment for your audience.
  • Post them in places where they will be easy to find and easy to share, including your own website and social media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • And finally, send the link to your email base. Remember not to embed the video directly in your email because most ISPs limit the amount of information that can be sent and received; instead hyperlink a screenshot of your video and place that in a prominent position in your email.

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