Multiple media at one time – multi-tasking!


A recent report from Ad-ology summarizes a new study …

“Fewer people are happy with just one form of media in front of them. Blog reports of 3-screening consumers – TV, computer, and mobile phone – abound. This fragmented attention might mean trouble for marketers who want to pitch their latest products and services.

“Gfk MRI’s MediaDay 2010 survey shows that some consumers enjoy being engaged with multiple media formats while others are still content to devote themselves to one form of media at a time. Using one media form exclusively is somewhat linked to age.

“Consumers over age 35 who engage with one media format exclusively:

  • Magazines 55%’
  • Internet 51%
  • Newspaper 52%
  • TV 50%

The media format that enjoys the highest percentage of exclusive consumer attention is magazines.”

For me (and I’m over 35!) … I almost always have a magazine open or the computer on while I’m watching TV … what about you? This rampant multi-tasking points to a few other issues marketers are having

  • Choosing the best media channel to meet the targeted audiences
  • Creating messages, content, ideas and visuals that grab consumers when they’re not really paying attention.

Thus even more reason to use the power of branding to visually and conceptually tie together multiple channels of communication, helping your audiences to recognize you, your value and your message.


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