Marketing Mistake #12: Marketing is the same as sales


The mistake: Believing that a sales strategy is the same as a well-planned marketing program


Marketing’s purpose is to set the foundation for sales, to design a long-term approach that supports every sales call and presentation—by qualifying leads; establishing recognition of your organization, products and services; by generating interest; by differentiating you from the competition; by creating higher perceived value.

Marketing provides the continuity that generates interest, distinguishes you from the options and then continues to support the conversation while your audience chooses to engage with you—enroll, refer, inquire, join, click through or purchase.

An ongoing branding and marketing program accelerates your sales activities. It provides the foundation needed to grow the organization. Good marketing clearly defines your audiences and how to reach them, while crafting the key messages—the messaging architecture—that will separate you from the competition and resonate with those you need to reach.

It’s time to optimize your brand for 2011

Messaging architecture—establishing the key messages that differentiate you—is just one part of an optimized brand. Beginning with the critical point of choice—the setting, situation or context where your target audience chooses to respond—our brand optimization process generates higher impact at a lower cost. It delivers accelerated sales and bigger results, whether you’re looking for more inquiries, more members, more online activity, higher enrollment or bigger dollars.


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