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Unusual Helmet Designs

June 8, 2009


Here’s a collection of interesting motorcycle helmets and unusual helmet designs I discovered this morning. The mellon head gets my vote. Let’s talk about functionality. Can you see out of these things?

Be safe!


10 Essential CMS Considerations

June 3, 2009


Choosing a CMS can be tricky.

What should you look for in a Content Management System (CMS)? Well, here’s a great list providing some very helpful insight into plotting out your CMS requirements. Complements of Paul Boag, contributor, Smashing Magazine. Areas to consider include:

  1. Core functionality
  2. The editor
  3. Managing assets
  4. Search
  5. Customization
  6. User interaction
  7. Roles and permission
  8. Versioning
  9. Multiple website support
  10. Multilingual support

Creative Company takes merit for Umpqua and Linfield

January 30, 2009

Umpqua Bank JELD-WEN Tradition Invite


Linfield College Travel Piece

We’re happy to announce that Creative Company was nominated for two merit awards at the 6th Annual Service Industry Awards (SIAA). This accolade demonstrates recognition for work performed by Creative Company for Umpqua Bank JELD-WEN Tradition Invite and the Linfield College Travel Piece.

SIAA is the only advertising awards to specifically recognize the achievements of the service industry. Many other advertising awards are dominated by consumer goods, packaged goods and other tangible products. The service industry is adding a significant contribution to marketing and advertising. SIAA recognizes the creativity and communication accomplishments of the service industry.

Woohoo! Thanks all!

Hurst’s Berry Farm Website is berry-licious

January 19, 2009

Husrt's Berry Farm

Hurst’s Berry Farm in Sheridan, Oregon, has a new Website that is simply mouth watering and schweet. Hurst’s Berry Farm is the leading shipper of fresh berries in the Northwest, growing and distributing a variety of fresh berries to grocery stores across the U.S.

Hey, what’s your story?

October 26, 2008

A clear identity can create an emotional connection to a product, service or company. This is not strange as basically everything stems from identity, the individual as well as the artifacts have an identity both from a social and psychological point of view the identity is the core, the material physical objects really don’t exist.

Some have said:

“I like it when clothes and objects have an aura, or a secret story”.

We believe a product won’t be durable before it tells a credible story.

People like storytelling, it’s a part of human history. As soon as something has a story, it becomes important. It gets a soul. And if it’s important it will soon be durable.

So, what’s your story?